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Dynarop Products is an innovating and dynamic company in the segment of food supplements in dietary and phytotherapy. On the strength of our experience and our close cooperation with different doctors, phytotherapists and aromatherapists, we offer products of good quality in accordance with the demand from the segment and our customers.


Out of consideration for its customers, the Dynarop Laboratory is committed to master and control each stage of its manufacturing process in order to guarantee the traceability of its output, from the raw material to the finished product. In addition, as a token of quality, we select the raw materials with utmost care according to the reliability of the suppliers, the contents of active components and the quality/price relation in order to ensure optimal results for our clients.


Based on reliable scientific sources, we offer a range of dietary supplements and phytotherapeutic products that are both innovating and original through their association of plants and their dosage.


With the aim of satisfying our customers, we cooperate in Belgium with numerous pharmacy wholesalers in order to secure a fast supply and a wide availability of our products.


The dietary supplements and phytotherapeutic products developed by the Dynarop Laboratory are no medicaments. For this reason, they are not designed to diagnose, treat or avoid any illness and can in no case replace a varied and balanced diet and a healthy way of life. The particulars given on this website are for information only. Under no circumstance do they replace medical advice.



Helps to maintain the good functioning of prostate Helps to maintain urinary comfort for men