Tanaplex is used to prevent mental pressure.


  • 50 mg dry extract of Tanacetum parthenium (feverfew) - aboveground parts
  • 100 mg dry extract of Tilia sylvestris (linden) - sapwood
  • 50 mg dry extract of Plantago major (common plantain) - leafs
  • 115 mg dry extract of Hypericum perforatum (saint-John's wort) - flowering top
  • Cellulose, colloidal silica, talcum, magnesium stearate

Advice for use

2 tablets per day. Please inform your doctor and/or your pharmacist if you take medicaments simultaneously.


100 tablets


A food supplement cannot replace a varied and balanced diet or a healthy way of life. Don't exceed the recommended daily intake. Keep out of reach of children.

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